The Powerhouse impacts all efficiency values that determine energy cost. We balance voltage between all phases with Capacitors, MOV’S and a Patented Wiring System designed to allow unusable power, that is currently being lost to be returned to your grid via the ground and neutral design. The Powerhouse also has harmonics equipment available with all units.

Powerhouse Equipment

By capturing and balancing the energy, the Powerhouse ensures that the equipment is running at its optimum voltages, which results in less mechanical problems and lower maintenance costs, thus, increasing the life of your equipment.

  • Left - a 200 KVAR Unit
  • Right - a 400 KVAR Unit
  • Each switchgear and facility are custom sized based on data values

How the Powerhouse Works

Voltage is optimized and Transient Voltage is reduced = more savings. In order to accomplish this, the Powerhouse adds capacitance via a series of capacitors. This enables the unit to capture the Reactive Power, which is commonly lost to ground, stores it, and puts it back into the system evenly across all phases as it is needed.

  • Greatly reduces low voltage issues
  • Elevates voltage of the entire system
  • Stabilizes voltage of the complete system
  • Reduces voltage drops when demand increases.
  • Stabilizes voltage of the complete system
  • Reduces tripped breakers (as a result of low voltage or power spikes)
  • Lowers kilowatt hours

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