The Powerhouse Solution

The Powerhouse is an affordable, market-ready, patented, UL listed, and NEMA rated behind the meter energy conservation system, custom designed for universal application to any facility that has 3 phase power up to 600 Volts, and has been installed in over 1,500 facilities throughout Northern America.


Surge Suppression

Wireless Control

Application Management

With its universal design, the Powerhouse maintains its market dominance by yielding 24/7 demand and kWh reduction, therefore lowering utility bills. The system has been installed in a variety of industries including Manufacturing Facilities, Hospitals, Luxury Hotels, Convention Centers, Government Buildings, School Districts, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, and even Residential Homes throughout North America.

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Powerhouse Performance

Power Quality Solutions that work for your business.

  • Impacts KW demand and KWH by 10% and higher.
  • Extends Equipment Life Expectancy.
  • Decreases Equipment Maintenance Costs.
  • Boosts, Balances, & Stabilizes Three-Phase Voltage.
  • Increases Power Factor enabling more usable power.
  • Eliminates Energy Efficiency Charges.
  • Captures power normally lost and conditions it for use.
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint.
  • Impacts Total Harmonic Distortion.

Why Choose The Powerhouse?

The Powerhouse extends the lifecycle of your electric equiment by delivering consistent clean energy.

Description of Event The Powerhouse PFC Device

Raises Voltage
Reduces KVAR
Reduces Amperage
Reduces KVA
Improves Power Factor
Eliminates Power Factor Penalties
Eliminates KVAR Penalties

Balance Voltage- N Phase
Reduces KW Demand and Overall KWH
Controls Demand Spikes
Prevents Blip, Spikes, Surges and Sags
50,000 Volts of Lightning Protection
GE Dielectrol Capacitors That Last for 25 Yrs.
Reduces Tripped Breakers
Prevents Costly Plant Re-starts
Reduces Transient Voltage
Impacts Transformers

GHG Equivalent

The Powerhouse has offset over 1 million metric tons of Green House Gas Emissions in just 1,500 installations.


Passenger Vehicles


Gallons of Gasoline


Pounds of Coal Burned


Acres of Forests

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